Kamis, 26 Agustus 2010

Have you ever heard of  NeoBux? If not, or even if you´re already a member of NeoBux, you´re missing out on some big money from the best paid-to-click service online! NeoBux and allows members to earn from multiple income streams all at once. features the great paid-to-click service from NeoBux with swift and instant payouts in seconds to PayPal, AlertPay, together with an innovative paid-to-promote and paid-to-refer option as well as a rewards points program. As a member of NeoBUX.com it is very possible to earn $25-50 USD or more per day! NeoBUX.com will even show you how to do it - all fo free. Sign up for free and start earning more money from NeoBux today!   

What is PTC?

PTC (Paid To Click) is where you get paid just by clicking (see) the ad, which payment will be sent directly to the account Anda.for further explanation you can read HERE! 

What is Neobux?

Neobux is one of the sites advertising services (PTC) which was founded in 2008, which is where all the "Clickers" have acknowledged that the PTC Neobux is the best in the world today among other PTC sites.

 Neobux allows advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their ad, which will be paid by Neobux members to click (see) ad for a predetermined amount of time (30 seconds). And payment will be credited with a predetermined amount of cash to the member on NeoBux account.

 You do not need to pay (free) to become a member of Neobux and start earning money. So REGISTER NOW and get free money through the site Neobux.

How exactly do I get paid?

There are several types of membership which the member will be paid:

Standard Member:
1 click : $0.010 (referral click : $0.005) – advertising standards
1 click : $0.015 ( referral click : $0.010) – extended ad

Golden Member :
1 click : $0.010 (referral click : $0.010) – advertising standards
1 click : $0.020 ( referral click : $0.020) – extended ad

Neobux also has a classified advertisement in which the member Neobux will be paid $ 0005 for every click (no commissions from referral clicks.)

Minimum Payout:

The minimum amount the first payment request is $ 2, the minimum demand for the second payment is $ 3, the third is $ 4 and so on up to $ 10.

 This means that when the member reaches or exceeds this limit, the member may request payment.

The amount of time to process the payment:


This means that after a member asked for payment, the member will receive


within seconds (without waiting for a long time) the money will be sent to the account of the member in accordance with the type of processor such member account.


To see a detailed explanation of each PTC that have been recommended to be followed here so you can browse PTC whatever you want to follow, just read HERE